Jeff Nornberg
Jeff Nornberg
Nornberg & Associates was founded by Jeff Nornberg in 1990. Having grown up in a family of builders, Jeff was no stranger to the building business. His maternal grandfather built apartments in the Moorlands in the 1920’s, and after World War II, began building spec houses along with his son. Jeff grew up in the same house with both of these men as a boy and spent many of his summer days on jobsites with them. After earning his masters in Greek and Latin, he decided instead to put his love of architecture to use by entering the building business. Working along side his uncle, who was by then building homes designed by the best architects in the city including George Kassabaum of HOK, Jeff learned everything literally from the ground up—from digging footings and pouring concrete to layout and carpentry.

Jeff created Nornberg & Associates because he believed that a building should not only be constructed flawlessly, but also that every aspect of the design should be created with the needs of the end users of these structures in mind. Known for his innovative use of cutting-edge materials and technology in his work, Jeff has worked in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary  and  always tries to create work  that integrates seamlessly
with existing homes. He tries to act as a guide to his clients to get them the best within their budget. Jeff is often called upon to build projects designed by architects, and has a vast portfolio of many award-winning projects he has designed himself.

The "Associates" in the company name refers to the people with whom Jeff collaborates to create his work. The first of these associates is his wife, Rita, whose background in art and design provides a second set of eyes and another perspective when Jeff is too close to a project to see a solution.

The second group of associates comprises the men on the jobs—the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other tradesmen who Jeff carefully selects to complete his projects. Unlike many contractors who seek out only the lowest bid from their subs, Jeff focuses on the quality of their work and the ability of their men to find solutions when faced with difficult challenges. From the demo contractor who prides himself on keeping peoples' homes clean to the finish carpenter who works his magic in wood, to the master cabinet builder who builds the casework Jeff imagines—these are the people with whom Jeff partners to take each project from concept to reality.

Whether your need is a highly functional laundry room, an intimate master suite, a crazy cool room for your child, a dramatic space for cooking and entertaining guests, or even custom-crafted furniture and hardware, Nornberg & Associates can bring your project to life. Browse our portfolio for a look at some of the unique and user-friendly spaces that Nornberg & Associates has created.