Alvin J. Siteman
"Jeff has managed continuing construction and maintenance at my residence in the Village of Westwood for more than ten years. His services have always been timely with careful attention to details while cost effective. Subcontractors have been closely supervised. Extensive remodeling has been satisfactorily completed on time and on budget.

I enthusiastically recommend Jeff Nornberg for quality residential construction management."
Charles R. Clark
"I wanted to thank you, once again, for the outstanding job you did on our new addition and home renovations. This was our first experience with major construction work of this type and we are thrilled with the results.

Your translation of my rough design renderings into detailed engineering drawings and specifications captured all the elements of function and style we were looking for.  The result speaks well for your artistic skills, design expertise, and construction management capabilities.

I would also like to thank you for your personal commitment to representing our interests throughout the process. I can still remember several evenings when you arrived during a thunderstorm to assure that the temporary weather coverings were doing the job during the construction phase. Your responsiveness to our inquiries and requests during construction as well as follow-up after completion assured timely resolution of all construction concerns.

Based on our positive experience and the great results of your efforts, I would be pleased to serve as a reference for you at any time."
Carol W. Kohfeld and John D. Sprague
"Jeff is a pleasure to work with. He is professional, skilled, with sure design instincts."
Steve and Yona Strasberg
"The most important thing about Jeff’s work is that it is of very high quality. His work is precise, carefully done and durable… He oversees subcontractors and his own men constantly, a factor which is partly responsible for the success of his efforts. He is knowledgeable about materials and goods and can guide the homeowner to make excellent choices in that regard… We have developed great trust for this contractor and would not consider any other individual for future construction projects in our home. We recommend him highly and without reservation."
Andy Sobel and Pam Lokken
"Jeff has a great sense of design. He is extremely creative and brings artistic flair to his designs… We now feel like we like we live in a unique home that is more a work of art than just a means of sheltering us from the external environment… For anyone looking for a highly personalized, distinctive, one-of-a-kind quality transformation of his or her home, you could not do better than Jeff Nornberg."
Carr and Ellen Trovillion
"Jeff, Thanks for your insight, attention to detail and sensitivity and mostly patience and worry. Without all these, our house would not be finished or perfect."
Annaliesa and Wayne Hannebrink
"It should be a source of great satisfaction for you to know there are so many houses around that bear witness to your ingenuity, good taste and technical know-how. And there are so many of us who are deeply grateful for the wonderful changes you brought about in our living environment."
Trade references available upon request