We offer complete architectural design services to provide clients with finished construction drawings, including structural engineering calculations and details, site plan elevations, and material choices, for both additions and complete freestanding structures. This includes navigating the architectural review process as required and obtaining necessary permits so that our team can complete the actual construction of the project.
We offer interior design service to choose colors, materials, fixtures, and finishes for our clients. This includes visits to suppliers and assistance in selecting appropriate materials for the projects. We specify lighting and products as well as reconfiguring existing spaces for new uses. We also design cabinets and furniture to meet the specialized storage needs of our clients.
We provide clients with construction services to produce finished projects from our own drawings or those by architects chosen by the clients. This service includes firm pricing for projects, choosing, scheduling, and supervising expert sub-contractors throughout the building project until completion. After completion we are quick to correct any issues that may remain. Our aim is to build high quality projects that satisfy the needs of our clients. That almost two thirds of our clients have used us for more than one project attests to our success in achieving this goal.
We are frequently called upon by our clients to do repair work at their homes, ranging from the repair of a few rotted boards, to extensive repairs such as damage from fire and water. We have been asked to adjust sticking doors, repair locks, replace broken switches, replace old windows with energy efficient ones, and give advice on a multitude of issues around clients’ homes. We have helped clients make their homes more energy efficient with the addition of insulation. We have found the source of strange smells and replaced sewers. We take care of anything that may go wrong in a home.