A former client called seeking someone to make a birdhouse. Her husband had designed and built a birdhouse many years earlier. After his death, weather and the passage of time had brought it to an advanced stage of decay, and she sought someone to repair it or build a duplicate of it.

It had been a beauty in its day, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unitarian Church in Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin, and painted Wright’s signature Red. It had been built of painted plywood, which had de-laminated and begun to rot.

Fascinated by the beauty of the birdhouse and eager for the opportunity to make a client happy, we took on the project. Taking advantage of the technical advances in materials, we chose Baltic Birch Form Plywood for its resistance to chemicals and moisture. To maintain the integrity of the roof, we used a fully adhered EPDM membrane with clear heart redwood ridges. Nylon fishing line and loops attached with stainless steel screws to suspend it.