This was a wonderful project that still looks great thirteen years in. The existing kitchen had two small closet-like spaces at its rear, which closed it off from the outside on the north and a wall with a double acting door to the dining room at the south.

We removed the two closets at the north, closed off the small windows in them, installed a steel beam in the middle section of the wall, allowing us to install a large picture window with flanking casements. At the south, we removed the wall to the dining room and replaced it with a peninsula with a cooktop and downdraft ventilation to allow guests to gather on stools at the counter behind the cooktop and sit as the meal preparation is completed.

The west side of the kitchen had four drafty windows, which we replaced with new energy efficient ones while infilling the brick at one end to reduce their number to three and provide additional space for needed wall cabinets. The height of the original windows was a little short of the ceiling so we firred the ceiling down to meet the top of our trim and allow it to continue around the cabinets and walls in a straight and unbroken line. A thin wall hung radiator was added at the north to provide heat.

All trim and windows were custom made to match existing and the cabinets were hand painted on site. The owners received an historic tax credit for the project, and even nature cooperated with a beautiful white dogwood coming into bloom the day we installed the windows in the north wall.